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Tina’Marie is a distinguished Personal Stylist who started her styling career after working a part-time job in a small boutique while pursuing her degree as a teacher. Tina worked at the boutique for about two months before the company ended up going out of business. A special friend who witnessed Tina’Marie in action working at the boutique encouraged her to purchase the boutique for herself. Not having any knowledge or understanding of business at only 22, Tina decided to go for it.


It took no time for Tina’Marie the stylist to be fully birthed. Tina developed a passion for styling everyday women while opening and operating her very own boutique for 8 years. She began by styling her very own customers daily at Shop Epiphany Boutique and has had her work published in high-fashion Magazines and TV including VH1, but she wanted to make a difference in the lives of everyday women. Tina’Marie believes in styling with purpose and making women look and feel their absolute best. Tina’Marie now offers Virtual Personal Styling, One-On-One Personal Styling & Shopping, Personalized Look Books, Photoshoot Styling, Bridal Styling, Personal Shopping, Closet Edits & Organization Services.

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